Planning Your Trip 

Specify the Origin and the Destination  by entering: 

  • an address, e.g. 13401 108 
  • an intersection, e.g. COLUMBIA and 8, or COLUMBIA @ 8  OR 
  • a landmark, e.g. Lonsdale Quay 
Tip:  If you are having difficulty matching your address or intersection, try omitting unit/suite numbers, street suffixes (i.e. St., Ave., Pl.) and/or directional indicators (i.e. N, S, E, W) .

To search for landmarks, click on Landmarks  tab and choose a category from the drop-down list. This is useful if you do not know the name of the landmark you are looking for. 

If the information that you enter can be interpreted in more than one way, a list of possible matches is returned, so that you can choose the one you want and proceed. 

Note: If you are having problems with a specific location, please try entering it using the address. 

Enter a Date/Time  for departure or arrival 

and whether you want to Depart or Arrive at the time of day specified. 

By default, Trip Planning assumes that your request is made for today, departing at a time close to the current time . The Date displayed is the date your 'Trip Planning' results will be based on. Date selection is important as Trip Planner provides different levels of service on different days. A trip valid on a given weekday may not be available on the weekend, or on a future weekday after a seasonal service change. 

Enter the Time  of day you want to travel. 

Trip Planning will find itineraries based on the exact time provided. Remember times at some stops are estimated based on normal conditions and actual times may vary slightly. Please allow sufficient walking time to/from your Origin/Destination. 

The ‘Include’ or ‘Exclude’ feature gives you the ability to choose which routes by direction you would like to include or exclude in the trip plan search.

Include or Exclude up to a maximum of 5 specific routes by direction.

If the ‘Include’ routes option is chosen, only those selected routes will be used for determining trip plan options. This option is useful for generating trip plans using specific routes.

Example 1: if you select Include Route A, Trip Planner will only return direct routes along Route A, if no routes are found along Route A, none will be displayed.

Example 2: if you select Include Route A and Route B, Trip Planner will only return results that are a combination of Route A and B, or Route B and A. If no itineraries are found, then no results will be displayed.

If the ‘Exclude’ routes option is chosen, all routes except for the ones selected will be used for determining trip plan options.

Select Options 

The Sort Results by  drop-down menu enables you to optimize your itinerary search results by: 

  • Trip Time - sorts itineraries by the shortest trip 
  • Number of Transfers - sorts itineraries by the fewest transfers 
  • Walking Distance - sorts itineraries by the shortest walking distance 

Clicking on the Wheelchair access required  check box ensures that the Trip Plan search results only include itineraries providing this level of service.